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2009 Car Show Pics

Bigfork show Sept 6, 2009

Perry worked very hard- he claims there was a conspiricy. A bird got his car... AND (see next pic to the right)

A bug came flying along when he was done shining- and smacked right into his grill. No trophies for cars with BUGS!

Part of he ghetto gang when Don wasn't rattling Ginger's pipes. The others were out gathering food.

Don's new trophy

Bob Joyce and Russ Graham cleaned up at the Lolo Mopar Show- Russ won best of show it's rumored and Bob won oldest contestant

Gary Mercer's Money pit in Joplin for their 100 year anneversary (not Gary & Barb's)

Two brindle boxers vying for sleeping room in the back seat of a 2009 3/4 ton Dodge pickup. Back seats used to be more spacious in the Scat Pack days!

Joplin Car show June 2009- the horseless carriage

Every young princess needs a 67 Coronet to ride in the parade...Valier Homesteader Day and 100 year celebration

A couple Great Falls guys made it to Joplin

Dutton Fun Days- Rich Lusky's Rat Rod from Choteau

Rat Rod enginuity

Jim Coffman headed to Joplin a day early to make it on time. Susan wouldn't ride on the high power 5HP B&S powered dual stool rod.