2009 BSMC Kalispell Show
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2009 Kalispell Mopar Show

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Spet 12, 2009- A spectacular fall day in Kalispell with a great turnout from all over the northwest!

Ron Baze's Best of Show 70 Challenger R/T out of Missoula

Penny Arcand's 69 Charger with a real gleem from north of the border

Ken Kettinger's Cuda

Ron DeWitt's Hemi Cudu- (Fountain of Youth) Maybe it works

09 Challenger that won 80's & up class

Jacquie and Paige- quite content it appears!

Perry's 68 Charger was bugless this time

Helen Hopkins from Clayton, WA prepares to collect yet another trophy from the only shady spot in the area

Gary & Nancy Martin of Great Falls shined up the Cuda

Remember George Jones' song that had something in it about "hotter'n a two dollar pistol" ? We all know he was talking about the car though, right?

George and Sharon Warn ventured out of the Helena Jungle to Kalispell

Another trophy for DeWitt in Plymouth B body...

Part of the Great Falls crew during awards