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Welcome to 2020-  cry

  We will leave the website up for viewing of pictures from some better times and past shows.

Gary Goers won Best of Show 2014 with his Chrysler 300
This site was created in March of 2001.
We mess with it every now and then..about once a it stays pretty boring...

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 2014 Trophies:

100 Series- A Body Stock

     1st- Gary Goers     63 Dart

     2nd-Joe Arts/Kelly Matteson 66 Dart Wagon

     3rd-Ron Baze 73 Scamp

 200 Series- A Body Modified

          1st Chris Stinauer 67 Barracuda

          2nd  Gary Goers 65 Dart

500 Series- B Body Dodge Stock

          1st Jim Lake 68 Charger

           2nd Gary Goers 68 Coronet Conv

          3rd  Dale Brackman 63 440

600 Series- B Body Plymouth Stock

          1st Jacques Longpre 71 GTX Hemi

700 Series- B Body Dodge Modified

          1st George & Sharon Warn 68 Coronet

          2nd Steve Waite 69 Super Bee

          3rd Perry Birky 68 Charger

800 Series- B Body Plymouth Modified

          1st Russ Graham 69 Road Runner

          2nd George Niland 69 Satellite

          3rd Jacques Longpree 72 Road Runner GTX

1000 Series- E Body Stock

          1st Elisa McLellan 70 Challenger

           2nd Dean Berringer 70 AAR Cuda

1100 Series- E Body Modified

           1st Nikki Stinauer 72 Challenger

          2nd Jim McClure 70 Challenger

1300 Series- C Body

           1st Dick Bedrin  66 Sport Fury

          2nd Gary Goers 58 Chrysler 300

1400 Series- 80's & Newer

          1st Russell Wilson 06 Daytona

          2nd John Patefield 12 Challenger SRT8

          3rd Garry Mahoney 05 Viper

1600 Series- Street Rod

          1st Bob Casey 33 Plymouth

1700 Series- Pickups

           1st Joe Arts 66 D-100

          2nd Coltan Gove  70 something Dodge

          3rd Monica Botkin 71 Power Wagon

1800 Series- AMC/Jeep

          1st Chris Barry 69 AMX

          2nd Jacques Longpre 69 Scrambler Rambler

BEST OF SHOW--Gary Goeers 58 Chrysler 300


Most likely to be stopped by a cop

          Perry Birky 68 Charger

Honorary Ghost Trophy-

          Don Holmes & GINGER 70 Charger (on the DL)




We want to do a few pages with photos of members and their cars. If you'd like to be included please e-mail in a photo of you and your ride with the pertinent data about the car. (You too, if you wouldn't mind)